Amazon launches ‘Instant pickup’ services in U.S for pickup in minutes.

Amazon instant pickup

Amazon introduced a new service called "Instant Pickup" in U.S to take on offline store purchases. Purchasers can go to nearest Amazon pickup point within minutes after placing the order. The world's largest online retailer has launched 'Instant Pickup' points around five college campuses, such as the University of California

Google, Apple and Qualcomm tops the 2016 patent portfolio

IEEE has come up with the patent portfolio ranking/scorecards of 2016. The Patent Power scorecards are based on objective, quantitative benchmarking of the patent portfolios of more than 6,500 leading commercial enterprises, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies worldwide. Google, Apple and Qualcomm takes the first 3 places among all

Facial recognition will replace passports in Australia

Australia face recognisation

Australia is planning to adopt a new contactless passenger identification system that would eliminate the need for passport scanners, paper landing cards and manned immigration desks, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced. This project named "Seemless Traveller" will see $93.7 million spent over the next five years

Alexa has become Amazon’s new source of data

Amazon Alexa assistance

When you ask people what do they use you Amazon Alexa for? The answers would be like turn on/off lights, play music, read some news or order kitchen stuff. This normal information can be a valuable data to Amazon in putting its voice-operated assistant competitors in check. "There are millions of

Microsoft acquires Maluuba, a Canadian startup focused on Artificial Intelligenece

Microsoft has acquired Maluuba, a company founded by University of Waterloo grads Kaheer Suleman and Sam Pasupalak. It is a Montreal based startup that uses natural language processing and machine learning to achieve Artificial General Intelligence.   Maluuba mainly focuses on using deep learning and reinforcement learning to increase the proficiency