Facebook Messenger launches new AI features including Spotify recommendations

Facebook Messenger powered by its AI assistant 'M' now delivers extra features including Music recommendations from Spotify. The AI 'M', works almost like a prompting service where it recognizes words used in a conversation and then suggests relevant content and actions based on the chat between the two users. For example,

Twitter predicts an event better than police

Twitter Machine learning

In recent years, there has been increased interest in real-world event detection using publicly accessible data made available through social media. Users are able to post real time dangerous situations and their reactions by using hashtags. New research from Cardiff University, which analysed 1.6 million tweets from the London 2011 riots,

Google, Apple and Qualcomm tops the 2016 patent portfolio

IEEE has come up with the patent portfolio ranking/scorecards of 2016. The Patent Power scorecards are based on objective, quantitative benchmarking of the patent portfolios of more than 6,500 leading commercial enterprises, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies worldwide. Google, Apple and Qualcomm takes the first 3 places among all

Facial recognition will replace passports in Australia

Australia face recognisation

Australia is planning to adopt a new contactless passenger identification system that would eliminate the need for passport scanners, paper landing cards and manned immigration desks, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced. This project named "Seemless Traveller" will see $93.7 million spent over the next five years

Instagram stories now has as many users as Snapchat

Instagram stories Snapchat

Instagram Stories now has as many user as Snapchat as per latest available data. Now having user base around 150 million, it announced the launch of ads mixed in to Instagram stories.  A five-second photo and 15-second video ads appear between people’s stories and can be skipped. Instagram will also provide

Alexa has become Amazon’s new source of data

Amazon Alexa assistance

When you ask people what do they use you Amazon Alexa for? The answers would be like turn on/off lights, play music, read some news or order kitchen stuff. This normal information can be a valuable data to Amazon in putting its voice-operated assistant competitors in check. "There are millions of

Facebook makes easy for pages to go live from desktop

Facebook has introduced a feature to go live from a page in its web application. Now one doesn't need a smartphone or tablet to go live on Facebook and interact with their page audience. However, this applies only to pages but not to the daily Facebook users. In addition to making