This chart depicts the AI explosion at Google over the years

There have been many publications in various fields from Google over the years but the AI publications trend shows how Google is trying to transform it to an AI first company in future. Google publications include several fields like climate change, neurosciences, computer vision, computer games,etc.

Google’s growing investment in artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning, a technique whose ability to make sense of images and other data is enhancing services like search, translation and speech detection. According to Technology review, it published 218 journal or conference papers on machine learning in 2016, nearly twice as many as it did two years ago.

Google AI

Google also hiring many Machine learning and AI researches and almost tripled its researchers headcount over few years. At Google, the scientific charge has been spearheaded by Deepmind the high-concept British AI company started by neuroscientist and programmer Demis Hassabis. Google acquired it for $400 million in 2014. Last year, DeepMind published twice in Nature, the same storied journal where the structure of DNA and the sequencing of the human genome were first reported. One DeepMind paper concerned its program AlphaGo, which defeated top human players in the ancient game of Go; the other described how a neural network with a working memory could understand and adapt to new tasks.

The competition between the top tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Amazon to develop more powerful AI has become extreme as it can be possibly applied into every field like Health care, IoT, Automotives, Mobile and applications. Research is occurring in a hot house atmosphere reminiscent of the early days of computer chips, or of the first biotech plants and drugs, times when notable academic firsts also laid the foundation stones of new industries.

Recently we have seen Google’s publication on Self driving cars that can be a Uber competitor. This explains why publication score-keeping matters. The old academic saw “publish or perish” is starting to define the AI race, leaving companies that have weak publication records at a big disadvantage.

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