Elon Musk and Satya Nadella disagrees upon each other with robots taking away the jobs

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Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, who is in India this week to promote Azure cloud computing platform told that one of Azure’s selling points is its integration with Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite, giving its cloud clients AI capabilities for personalization and a lot more. He in a recent interview stated that:

In a country like India, where there is going to be a services-led economy, there are going to be many, many jobs. There are many things AI [artificial intelligence] will never be able to do… When there is a lot of artificial intelligence, real intelligence will be scarce, real empathy will be scarce, real common sense will be scarce. So, we can have new jobs that are actually predicated on those attributes.

Satya Nadella also spoke about the exciting possibilities of AI in healthcare and education. But his remark on its impact on jobs is particularly interesting in the context of concerns expressed by other tech leaders. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla made contrary statements regarding jobs stating that:

What to do about mass unemployment? This is going to be a massive social challenge. There will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot do better. These are not things that I wish will happen. These are simply things that I think probably will happen.

Satya Nadella is right that new jobs will emerge in an artificially intelligent world. But there are millions of jobs that can be automated by AI and there is no proper justification if the old job holders are qualified to do the new jobs created by Artificial Intelligence. A sales counters at retail stores, routine work in banks and government organizations, various jobs in hotels and restaurants that can be automated, and the transportation industry in an age of self-driving cars that Elon Musk’s Tesla is bringing to us faster. There is still big question that who will prepare people for the new job requirements of a world where artificial intelligence is ubiquitous?

It is estimated that about 600,000 Uber drivers are going to be affected by Autonomous cars alone in US. Elon Musk suggests that a universal basic income should be provided whereas Satya in a recent interview said that robots should pay an income tax like how humans do and the tax collected from companies that automate jobs earlier performed by humans could be used for training people to do the new jobs.

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