This new innovation could prevent your mobile from exploding

Lithium-ion batteries that are present in mobiles and other gadgets have very much high tendency to catch fire and explode. In the recent times, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have faced battery exploding issues when charged higher.

Researchers at Stanford University have created a Lithium-ion battery with in built fire-extinguisher. They have added a chemical compound called triphenyl phosphate to the plastic fibers that keep the positive and negative electrodes separate. If the battery reaches a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, the plastic fibers melt and release the chemical that stops the battery from burning up. Based on the tests, this can stop batteries from burning up within 0.4 seconds.

Yi Cui, lead scientist for this project says this doesn’t impact performance and the chemical won’t be released under normal temperatures. There’s no guarantee that researchers from Stanford University will launch their product on the market. But it’s still nice to see that people are working hard on different ideas that will make batteries a lot safer in the future. You can read on what the researchers have done in their paper published by Sciencemag.